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Print-On-Demand With A Twist

The idea behind our InkToInk platform is giving print shop owners the power to grow and offer t-shirt designs directly to their customers without even doing any advertising. The reason for that is these print shops are added into our "Printing Partner Network."

Depending on where the print shop is located and where a customer is ordering from, print shops can control how far out they are willing to deliver products and also set limitations of how many orders or items they wish to offer each month. Once these limitations are met, the system will pass on orders to another print shop.

Don't worry, it doesn't mean only one print shop in a single area will get all the orders, it will automatically change out print shops as necessary.

In addition, this allows other designers to get involved by creating their own designs and selling their products to consumers without actually printing the products themselves because they will have hundreds and thousands of other print shops to work with.

No longer do you have to rely on just one print shop and this will help the local print shops in your area rather than a multi-national, multi-billion dollar printing company.

First Supplier Integration:


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